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about us | S+S Gabionssystems


  • gardening
  • build
  • garages
  • benches and tables
  • stairs

S+S Gittersysteme

S+S Gabionssystems had been founded in 2005 in Aschaffenburg. the basic idea was the develpment of an, until then unknown, L- shaped wall or supporting wall, made of robust steelwire. the gittec wall system has established itself as a real alternative in landscaping, due to its continuous developments and improvements throughout the jears. Gittec is mainly distributed by builders merchands all across germany, as well as a number of other european countries. Because of its versatility, becomes the Gittec system more and more popular, especially with builders. garden- and landscape designers, planers an architects.

Our philosophy

  • Your success is crucial for us.
  • That’s what we vouch for with all our passion and high quality standards.
  • Both, complex specifications, as well as individual projects, will be customized..
  • Because we want you to be all satisfied with our Gitttec products for many years to come. We only want satisfied customers.
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