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Construction and filling of Gitttec-gabiones

for assembly:

Gitttec fits into your garden like no other wall system. The kind of filling is almost limitless. You can use sandstone, basalt, gravel or other filling materials as well as you can green the wall with almost any plants of your linkeing.

Supporting walls

First, a foundation of compacted gravel or concrete has to be made. Then place the Gitttec elements precisely next to each other. Thereafter follows the filling.

Screening and Separation Wall

Here adequately sized concrete foundation must be completed in which the mesh basket is placed about 5-6 inches depth.

in order to assemble, please print out the assembly instructions. for assembly.

how to connect the Gittec parts Gitttec:

After shortening of the gabion wire connectors are plugged in at a distance of 20 cm around the two open ends.

how to fill the Gitttec gabions:

With the filling of the large front basket can be started (in case of free-standing wall to wait and see until the concrete foundation has cured). The recommended grain size of the fill should be between 50 mm and 80 mm. There are quarry stones just like pebbles for filling the Gitttec gabions.

To achieve a better drainage effect in the retaining wall, the rear portion of each part Gitttec-baskets with about 0.4 m3 of gravel, crushed stone, recycled material or should be backfilled. It can also be used a non-woven filter.

Now just fill the rest with soil and any plant or plant coverage.

The backfilled soil please do not condense with heavy equipment!

In order to assemble, please print out the assembly instructions.for assembly.

    Gartenmauer zum Selbsaufbau

How to lock the Gitttec gabions:

The grilles are placed as a lid on the gabion.