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In case of problems please send us an e-mail to: kontakt@gitttec.de or call us at phone: +49 / 6021 / 9208810, vielen Dank!

Our business hours are

monday to friday 09.30 Uhr - 17.00 Uhr
saturdays by appointment!
fon: +49 / 6021 / 9208810

Design of Gitttec Gabions


Design options at first sight

  • Fountain or swimming pool boundary

    How to set up Gitttec is up to you.
  • Gardenbenches, tables and stairs

    You can use the wall of wire to support hillsides or design terraces.
  • Boundary walls and mailboxes

    Carports can be masked up or being used as a freestanding wall of separation.
  • Hillside supporting

    Raised beets and hillsides are being supported with Gittec wire walls.
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