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Gitttec - the wall of wire

S+S Gridsystems

Modular system in various sizes

S+S wire systems have been developed by Gitttec: the wall of wire (wirewall)

Iinnovations in wire and stone


terrace fencing


stonewall or gabion boxes

Modular system in various sizes

with a lot or different formation or design ideas


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Gitttec - The Wall of Wire

Our Gitttec wirebasket is a mobile gabion-system. Very much suitable for any design, for support and protection of any landscape. Due to the modular system, are the stable and lasting stonewalls quick and easily fitted,. All the various designpossibilities, enable the gittec wirewalls to customize to your concept. Cavities, permeable to water, allow planting in a short periode of time.

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Scope of Design

It is up to you, how to use Gitttec. You can use the wall of wire as support for hillsides, for designing terraces, encasing carports, or as a freestanding wall. It is not even used as view or noise protection, but also it is an approved method for supporting embankments, shores.

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Assembly and Stability

The stone filled gabions are a low-priced option to design gardens and hillside supports decoratively. The assembly instructions are easy to understand and as they only weigh 2 kg in the average one single person is able to fit them alone. Finally the gabions are filled with the required material, such as stone, glass or wood .

Gitttec the wall made of steel wire

retaining Wall:

A foundation of gravel or concrete has to be made at first, before the Gittec-elements are accuratly fitted next to each other, which is followed by the filling of the gabions.

Noise or view protection walls:

For that, a well dimensioned foundation has to be made, in order to embed the wire gabions for about 5-6 inches into the concrete .


Gittec DIY instructions



  • easy to transport
  • ready to use
  • quick and easy one-man-fixing


  • durable as galvanized
  • natural drainage
  • multi-function design


  • various means for easy planting or landscaping
  • only small amount of
    filling material necessary
  • Can also be installed as a
    free-standing separating wall

S+S gabionsystems developed Gittec – the wirewall

With many application possiblities, examples and concepts, are the Gittec Gabions the right choice for all purposes in landscaping.

Gitttec - The Wall of Wire


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Aufbaumöglichkeiten von Mauer aus Drahtgittersystem Gittec


be inspired from our numerous design examples on our website

Formen und Größen von Gittersystem Mauern


gittec gabions in various sizes, adapted to your creativity


application examples an references of our Gittec products

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S+S Gabionsystems

S+S Gittersysteme

s+s Gabionssystems has been founded in 2005 by Jochen Schüßler and Christian Stegmann in Aschaffenburg the basic idea was the develpment of an, until then unknown, L- shaped wall or supporting wall, made of robust steelwire.

The Gitttec wall system has established itself as a real alternative in landscaping, due to its continuous developments and improvements throughout the jears.


Gitttec - the wall of wire (the wirewall)

one man fixing possible

no additional mounting or fitting needed

long lasting galvanized

rain will drain through the filling

the modular principles allow various disigns.

Bauastoffe Stark
here you find us Baustoffe Start
the gittec-wall is part for our assortment since 2005.


step by step instruktions by Gitttec


we are always working on futher feasibilities



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