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the supporting-, view protect- and separating- walls

With its compact dimensions Gitttec is ideal for self-assembly.


advantages of Gitttec:

  • easy to transport
  • all ready mounted
  • easily and quickly assembled by one person
  • hot-dip galvanized for long life
  • natural drainage system
  • variety of design options
  • Greening can be easily done
  • only small amounts of filler material needed
  • can also be installed as a freestanding wall of separation


  • Structural steel: St 37
  • Wire thickness: 5 mm
  • Mesh size: 50/50 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanizing: DIN EN ISO 1461

welded gabions

Privacy wall

  • low cost
  • permeable to water
  • resistant
  • flexible
  • ecologically
  • individually
Highly elastic steel wire with a coating (zinc-aluminum alloy of 95% zinc, 5% aluminum) is inductively welded, to a welded mesh, which can then be fitted with the necessary accessories to gabions. Wires of this alloy have more than twice as longer livetime, as the compared to conventional galvanized wires (corrosion protection). Therefore they meet the highest international quality standards.

seperation wall

  • Screen walls
  • Supporting and garden walls
  • Raised beds and embankments
  • Pond design and bank stabilization
  • Carport walls, screens for trash cans
  • Stairs / Garden Furniture
  • Exterior cladding for fireplaces
Stress, noise and negative influences should not come to your property , the terrace be protected from the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. Whether natural green blinds , fine natural stone surfaces or the timeless stone solution ? With the fencegabione from S+S, you create space for your private life. This gabion offers you the opportunity to create an up to two meters high and only 20 centimeters wide wall. Individual elements can be connected through simple plug-in connections to compact walls.

retaining or supporting wall

  • long life
  • waterproof
  • foundations
  • installation Instructions
  • filling
The cost of the structure depends on the structure., For a higher gabion wall, for example, a footing or concreted posts could be neccecsary.Gitttec gabions

Stable and durable natural stone walls are erected easily and quickly in innovative S+S Gabion modular system. The S+S Gabion is a wire basket indestructible galvanizing. A modern garden and landscape design with the gabion is simple and quick.